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Catch up on the latest buzz about 170 Grammi! Our authentic Roman-style pizzas have been making waves, and the media can’t stop talking about us. See what everyone is saying about our delicious offerings and vibrant atmosphere. Dive into the articles below to get a taste of the excitement and discover why 170 Grammi is the talk of the town.

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170 Grammi Pizzeria

First Look: 170 Grammi Is the New Spot for Roman-Style Carbonara Pizzas Fired by a Top Pizzaiolo

12 June 2024 • Callum McDermott • Broadsheet

Luigi Esposito, pizzaiolo and owner of Via Napoli and Pizza Fritta 180, has done more work than most to preach the gospel of Naples around Sydney. Now, with 170 Grammi, he wants to spread the good word about Roman pizza.

170 Grammi Pizzeria Exterior

Via Napoli spin-off 170 Grammi opens in Surry Hills

24 April 2024 • Annabelle Cloros • Hospitality Magazine

Via Napoli is known for making some of the best wood-fired pizzas in Sydney, and now Owner Luigi Esposito is honing in on a different variation – la tonda Romana – at his new venue.

170 Grammi Comes to Surry Hills

170 Grammi comes to Surry Hills

23 April 2024 • Emi Berry • What She Just Said

Luigi Esposito, owner of Via Napoli, is opening an Italian pizzeria in Surry Hills next month. Situated conveniently at the intersection of Crown and Foveaux streets, 170 Grammi will offer a unique ‘la tonda Romana’ or Roman-style round pizza, a rarity in Sydney.